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System check VS Precision Tune-up

By now I’m sure you all have seen or heard advertisements for a low cost furnace or heat pump system check to get you ready for the heating season. Many of these ads promise lower energy bills and fewer to no failures. How is it that these companies can provide such a service at such a low cost? It seems like such a steal; how could you possibly pass it up? Let’s break down the difference between the low cost system check and a precision tune-up that is included with our Energy Savings Agreement.

A system check for your heating and air conditioning system will consist of a technician coming to your home to evaluate your system. The technician will check your refrigerant levels, your filters, and perform an overall assessment of the air handler and the heat pump. The technician will not clean, clear or maintain your system. Afterwards, the technician will provide the homeowner with a list of recommended repairs that will include things like cleaning the coils, clearing the drain, and replacing filters all at additional charges to the initial low cost system check. The result is the homeowner paying for service and repairs for a higher added total than what would be included in a tune-up. This low cost system check stands no chance of remaining low cost.

At All Seasons Heating & Cooling, Inc. we offer a year-round Energy Savings Agreement that provides a “Precision System Tune-Up” every six months at a fixed price to our homeowners. Our specialized tune-up technicians provide our clients with precision tune-ups year round. Every precision tune-up consists of cleaning coils inside and out, clearing drain lines, replacing air filters, painting steel components in the outdoor unit, applying protective coating to the cabinet, and recording electrical readings, refrigeration pressures and temperatures. All this information is provided to our homeowners in a report. If there are repairs that need to be made, our homeowners are notified of the necessary repairs and the cost of the repairs. In addition, they receive a 15% discount on the cost of the repair as well as the elimination of the Technical Provision Fee because the issue was diagnosed during their routine scheduled tune-up. All of this ensures that the homeowners heating and cooling systems will operate at its peak performance capability, in a reliable and efficient manner, and at a lower cost to the homeowner. So, as we enter these cold winter months ahead be weary of the deal that sounds to good to be true and feel free to inquire with any of our staff about the benefits of our Energy Savings Agreement.


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